Business Planning

Running a business is no easy feat, and any time spent away from the business can cost the business and its owners money.

Strohmeyer Law works with business owners and their professional advisors to manage the tax and legal aspects of their business so the owners can get back to work.

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Starting on the right foot

Every business has to start somewhere, and Strohmeyer Law can help new businesses get off the ground. By providing the tax and legal advice needed when forming a business, owners can leave the paperwork behind and focus on the business.

If you need help to better the company, not bet the company.

Business owners have a lot on their plates, and keeping up with the legal formalities can take a backseat to running the company. When it comes time to transition a business, cleaning up years of compliance issues can hold up potential transfers or sales of a company. Rather than waiting until a sale is on the horizon, Strohmeyer Law can help business owners stay current with the legal formalities now, which can ease a later transition.

Doctors have their own business issues.

Strohmeyer Law can help doctors with the specific business issues that they face. While we can’t help with Stark Law compliance, we can help doctors with employment agreements, non-compete provisions, practice buy-ins, and the creation of practice entities.

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Practice Areas


Decide how you’d like your assets to be managed for your beneficiaries.

Estate Planning

There’s clarity and confidence in leaving no unfinished business.


We wish they weren’t so complicated. But because they are, you’ll get help on both the personal and business sides.

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