Bill Moody

Accounts Manager

William “Call me Bill, William is my dad’s name” Moody is our trusty client support clerk. When clients hand us shoeboxes full of disorganized notes, asset receipts, and decaying treasure maps (please don’t do this), Bill is the one who processes, organizes, and digitizes all of them. We would truly be lost without him.

For Bill, estate planning is just as much about sticking it to the man as it is taking care of your family. After all, why bequeath your stuff to the government on accident when you can dump it on your family on purpose?

Bill’s hidden talent: Can name nearly any song from the ’70s or ’80s after just a few bars.

He dreams of: Being a major-league baseball player who is now happily retired.

Bill Moody

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Bill Moody, Accounts Manager at Strohmeyer Law PLLC

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