Trusts are confusing. While they can look and act like legal entities (such as corporations and LLCs), they are subject to different legal standards and a different income tax regime. Strohmeyer Law helps trustees and beneficiaries make sense of their trusts by advising them on the legal and tax issues facing their trusts. When necessary, we can help clients modify existing trust documents to provide more modern trust provisions.

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Our No Unfinished Business® Guarantee

Our No Unfinished Business® Guarantee means more than just completing our agreed upon work. Anybody can do that, and we’re not just any law firm.
  • It means that if there’s anything wrong with your documents, you’re not on the hook to pay us to fix it.
  • It means we expect to coordinate with your other advisors, and not bill you for that time.
  • It means that if you have a question about how your plan works, we’ll answer that question for no charge.
  • It means that if you have a question about how to set up your beneficiary designations or fund your trusts, we’re here to answer that for free.

We’re here to make this easy and complete for you. Service is at the heart of our business, and we we’ll work hard to make sure you’re satisfied from start to finish.

Unfortunately, we’ll all die, but we’re here to make sure that you leave no unfinished business.


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Practice Areas

International Tax

Address tax issues for US residents earning abroad or for non-residents here.


We wish they weren’t so complicated. But because they are, you’ll get help on both the personal and business sides.

Estate Administrations

Need to wind up someone’s affairs? You’ll be shepherded through the process with transparency and care.

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