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Estate Planning Checklist for New Parents

Have you just welcomed a new child to the family? You, as a parent, want to make sure you're doing everything you can to protect your children. So what legal documents do you need in place to make sure your family is secure and protected? I'll detail the top four you'll need to consider.

What is a Deferred Sale Trust?

"Deferred sale trust" can mean a few different things in different cases, though, ultimately, it's basically just dressing up other trusts, putting some special verbiage on it, and making it seem like a fancy new, unique legal vehicle for your assets. I'll describe two ways that I've seen people use the term "deferred sale trust."

How Much Money Do I Need for a Trust to Make Sense?

Is there a threshold I need to be at for a trust to be useful? What are the benefits? Am I even asking the right question?

The Four Horsemen of the Estate Planning Apocalypse

The four biggest dangers your family will encounter if you don’t have the proper estate planning. 

I Don't Own a Lot of Stuff. Do I Really Need a Last Will?

John responds to a very common question. "I don't have a ton of stuff, what do I need an estate plan for? Can't my family just take my things and move on?"

Estate Executor Expenses in Texas

John breaks down the type of expenses an estate executor can incur in Texas, and how those are covered in the probate administration process.

What is a Do Not Resuscitate (DNR) Order?

John explains what a Do Not Resuscitate (or DNR) Order does, why it is less than common in Texas, and the situations it does and does not cover.

What is the Estate Tax?

John explains the Federal Estate Tax, how it is applied, and how to roughly calculate if and how much your estate may be taxed upon death.

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