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End-of-Year Strategies for Irrevocable Gifting Trusts

As the year draws to a close, there are some crucial actions to take with an irrevocable gifting trust.

What to Do If You Receive an IRS Letter

Receiving a letter from the IRS might send shivers down your spine. So what's your first step? Is it always a cause for alarm? Let's walk through what you should do.

Why You Need a Trademark

We'll explain the the four main areas of intellectual property for business owners, why trademarks are crucial, and how to get your marks registered.

Can Charitable Donations Help Reduce Estate Tax?

Charitable donations can make a meaningful impact and potentially save you on estate taxes. We'll explain how the two relate.

Alternative Real Estate Investments: Mortgage Notes

Discover how investing in mortgage notes can be a great alternative to traditional real estate investing. 

Life Insurance and Estate Tax: Are Death Benefits Taxed?

While life insurance is generally received free of income tax, but what about when it comes to estate tax? How do we plan for this in an estate plan?

What is the Generation-Skipping Transfer Tax (GSTT)?

You can't just give away piles of money to the grandkids and skip out on taxes - understand the GSTT and how it works.

Aging in Place with Companion Care

What is companion care, and how might it fit when planning for loved ones aging in place?

Maintaining Trust: Keeping the Peace Between Trustees and Beneficiaries

How can we ensure a smooth relationship between trustees and beneficiaries, even when stressful financial and interpersonal factors are at play?

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