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Breaking Down the New 2021 Federal Tax Proposals

John breaks down the proposed new federal tax measures being put forth in the House in September 2021. He walks through the main points and helps you understand what provisions might affect you, your business, and your family.

Business-Owned Life Insurance: Key Issues to Consider

Business owners! Make sure you're staying in compliance and tax-advantageous with regards to your company-owned life insurance policies on employees (aka Keyman or Keyperson Insurance).

How to Stress-Test Your Estate Plan (And Why to Do It NOW)

You've got an estate plan, and you don't plan on dying soon. That's great! But if something did happen unexpectedly, does that plan still fit your needs and goals? Is your situation the same as it was when you drafted those documents?

How Do I Protect My Digital Assets in My Estate Plan?

You're probably familiar with most real (physical stuff, land) and intangible (IP, marks) property, and have them included in your estate plan. But many people forget about their DIGITAL assets - social accounts, photos, domains, and more.

Tax Attorney Answers: Can I Deduct This on My Taxes?

"Real quick, can I deduct this on my taxes?" Taxes are confusing, and a tax attorney has all the answers for you, right? Well, maybe, but you're getting ahead of yourself...

What to Do When Someone is About to Die

It's a terrible situation - someone you love and care about is about to die. And that heartbreak of losing a loved one can be made worse if there's chaos on the horizon regarding the estate matters. Here's what to do.

The Differences between DNR, Advance Directive, and Medical Power of Attorney

You know you want control of your end-of-life medical decisions, but which documents control what, and which do you need?

Understanding Non-Competes and Their Tax Implications in Texas

Non-competes can be confusing and there is tax planning you should have in place when you enter into one. We'll break it all down for you.

What Happens to Debt When You Die?

You can't take it with you, right? Debt just disappears when you die, and your family gets all your stuff, scott-free! Sadly, it doesn't work like that...

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