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Contesting the Validity of a Last Will

I want to contest the validity of my loved one's will. How do I do that? Will I be successful?

My Parent Died and I Can't Find Their Bank Accounts

Locating a loved one's bank accounts for probate can be tough, especially without paper statements. Here's what you can do.

I Received Checks for Someone Who Died. What Should I Do?

This is a common problem in probate, and I'll explain what needs to happen to get it resolved.

I’m a beneficiary/heir of an estate and I feel I’m being left out of the process. What can I do?

You have rights as a beneficiary, but if you feel ignored, it's best to start with the basics.

I Received a Tax Letter From the IRS - What Do I Do?!

I Received a Tax Letter From the IRS - What Do I Do?!

Is an Irrevocable Trust a Good Idea as Part of My Estate Plan?

Perhaps you've been told that having an irrevocable trust is a good part of your estate plan. Is that actually true? The (very lawyerly) answer is, it's going to depend on your circumstances and what actually needs to happen.

Understanding Long-Term Care Insurance Policies

Planning for long-term care, whether expected or unexpected, can be very tricky business. Long-term Care Insurance can help, and we're here to explain.

Avoiding LOSS OF ASSETS With a Complete Estate Plan

Another of the Four Horsemen of the Estate Planning Apocalypse is a threat to your estate's assets after you die. How can you protect them?

The Basics of In-Home Care Management

In-home care has a wide spectrum of options these days, and you should know what's out there, how to start planning, and when it's time to start considering care.

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