Do I Need a Tax Attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent?

By John Strohmeyer • Tax

Do I Need a Tax Attorney, CPA, or Enrolled Agent?

Finding the right person to fix your complicated tax situation can be tough, so it’s important to understand the differences between a tax attorney, CPA, and an enrolled agent.


Getting your taxes done correctly (and to your benefit) takes the right team. You have a lot of choices when it comes to tax preparation, planning, and even defense. So who does what? Who should you go to first? What’s the difference between a tax attorney, a CPA, and an Enrolled Agent when it comes to tax matters?

It can be confusing, so I wanted to clear up exactly what these different roles can do for you, and who is best to focus on which particular issues. Hint: your first stop probably isn’t a tax attorney!

This video sheds some light on the following questions and topics.

  • What does each role cover?
  • Who handles financial analysis & tax consequences?
  • Who can help with tax planning?
  • Who do you go to first with tax and deduction questions?
  • Who actually prepares your returns?
  • Who helps with audits/IRS issues?
  • When is an attorney your number one option?
  • ​Tax or District Courts
  • Confidentiality concerns
  • Having documents, arguments, or disclosure statements drawn
  • Legal analysis

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