End-of-Year Strategies for Irrevocable Gifting Trusts

As the year draws to a close, there are some crucial actions to take with an irrevocable gifting trust.



Irrevocable gifting trusts are a powerful tool, but some year-end maintenance is required. While setting up the trust is a great step, annual upkeep is key to maximizing its benefits and avoiding estate taxes for your beneficiaries.

Utilizing the Annual Exclusion Gift

Understanding the Basics

The annual exclusion gift is a pivotal tool in trust management, allowing $17,000 gifts per person each year without incurring gift tax liability. As we approach the year’s end, ensure you’ve utilized this opportunity to its fullest.

Crummy Withdrawal Rights

Many gifting trusts will choose to qualify gifts for the annual exclusion by granting Crummy withdrawal rights to beneficiaries. This puts a time window on withdrawal rights for beneficiaries, and ensures that the assets contributed under the annual exclusion truly benefit the trust by limiting ongoing withdrawal capabilities.

Timing and Outright Gifts

The Importance of Timing

Year-end timing is essential, especially as the gift tax exemption is expected to halve by 2026. Making sure gifts, whether cash, checks, or property, are fully transferred and recorded by the end of the year is fundamental to trust management.


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Distributions: To Disburse or Not?

Tax Implications

Consider whether the trust should make year-end distributions. It’s a balancing act between managing the trust’s income tax obligations and maintaining the grantor’s intent. Trustees must weigh the benefits of lower income taxes against the potential risks of beneficiaries’ misuse of funds.

Preparing for Tax Day

Trust Tax Categories

Trusts are generally taxed as either complex or grantor trusts. Preparing for tax season involves a thorough review of distributions, disbursements, and any other financial activities.

Trust Accounting

A trust accounting is more than just a tax preparation; it’s an exhaustive record of the trust’s transactions. As a trustee, you’re accountable for every penny and must ensure your books balance.


To wrap up, there are three critical actions for end-of-year trust planning: completing all gifts into the trust, reviewing necessary disbursements, and preparing for upcoming tax obligations. With less than two months left in the year, it’s time to get your trust in order and enter the new year with confidence.

End-of-Year Strategies for Irrevocable Gifting Trusts

As the year draws to a close, there are some crucial actions to take with an irrevocable gifting trust.

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