Estate Planning for Young Adults

Estate Planning for Young Adults

If your kid is headed off to college, there’s a million things to think about. Their estate plan is probably not the first thing on your radar, but there’s still important safeguards you should make for your young adult.

Even when it’s tough to let them go, you can have some peace of mind knowing you’ve helped set them up for the future.

I’ll walk you through the main considerations in planning for the newly-minted young adult in your family.


This video will cover the following documents you might think about.

– Medical Powers of Attorney

– HIPAA Authorizations

– Advance Directives/Living Wills

– When to consider a Durable Power of Attorney

– Why you shouldn’t worry about a Last Will

– Why I think a FERPA waiver is a bad idea


Some of the suggestions might surprise you, but I hope it gets you thinking about starting your young adult’s planning early.

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