I Don’t Own a Lot of Stuff. Do I Really Need a Last Will?


I Don’t Own a Lot of Stuff. Do I Really Need a Last Will?

John responds to this very common question from everyday people:

“I don’t have a ton of stuff, what do I need an estate plan for? Can’t my family just take my things and move on?”

Well, short answer is… maybe? But chances are, you have more things than you think. An estate plan and last will make all your possessions, large and small, much easier to pass on to your family.

And it can save them thousands of dollars in probate costs, and avoid huge headaches to boot.

For example, the title to your house doesn’t automatically get handed over to your heirs. It can be a costly court process without a will. Even getting into a bank account, whether it’s got $2,000 or $2,000,000 in it, isn’t easy for families after a loved one passes without a last will.

Give me a couple minutes, and I’ll explain why an estate plan is a smart move, no matter how big or small your “estate” may be.

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