I Received a Tax Letter From the IRS – What Do I Do?!

By John Strohmeyer • Tax

Can I handle it myself? Do I need an attorney? Do I need someone else?



So you got a letter from the IRS


What do I do first?

The first thing you’re gonna want to do, is the first thing I’m going to do too: Google “IRS letter,” and then the number at the top of the letter you received. The IRS is gonna tell you exactly what you need to look for, and what they’re contacting you about.

The IRS website can give you a little more context, and the more common letters will have loads of other websites with translations and (sometimes dubious) advice.

How do I handle it?

If it’s not something you can address yourself, or you’re still confused about what to do next, your next step will be to contact a CPA or enrolled agent. If a CPA or an enrolled agent doesn’t know what to do or thinks it’s beyond their capabilities, they should have some names of tax attorneys that you can reach out to and that they are comfortable working with to help resolve those IRS issues. You generally don’t want to start with a tax attorney.

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