I’m a beneficiary/heir of an estate and I feel I’m being left out of the process. What can I do?

You have rights as a beneficiary, but if you feel ignored, it’s best to start with the basics.



What’s my role as a beneficiary?

If you’re the beneficiary of an estate, it can be confusing to know what your role is in the process. In Texas, the process is relatively simple for beneficiaries because the state features independent administration. This means that the executor or administrator of the estate will go to court once and then their job is to collect assets, pay off any debts, and distribute assets to beneficiaries. So, as a beneficiary, there may not be much for you to do.

However, there are still certain things that you are entitled to as a beneficiary. You are entitled to a copy of the will and an inventory of the assets. You also have the right to know what’s going on with the estate. If you’re unsure about what’s happening with the estate, you can always ask the executor or administrator for an update.

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What do I do if I’m being left in the dark?

Reach out to the executor/administrator

If you feel like you’re being left out of the process, the first step is to reach out to the executor or administrator and ask for an update. Keep in mind that the executor or administrator may have other obligations, such as work or family, that are the real source of the lack of communication. So, don’t take it personally if you don’t hear back right away, and don’t assume the worst immediately.

What if they still don’t answer me or if I suspect malfeasance?

In some cases, though, beneficiaries may need to take further action, such as going to court, if they feel that the executor or administrator is not doing their job properly. However, before taking this step, it’s important to ask the executor or administrator for an update and get more information about the situation. It’s also worth considering whether you need to hire your own attorney to help you navigate the process.

Finally, it’s important to remember that the rules and regulations regarding estate beneficiaries can vary by state. If you’re unsure about what your rights are as a beneficiary, it’s always a good idea to consult with an attorney or legal expert who can provide you with more information specific to your situation.

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