No Unfinished Business Q&A: TRUSTS

Answering your trust questions

Our firm gets a ton of questions about trusts, and whether or how clients should set one up as part of their estate or wealth management plans. So I decided to compile and answer a bunch of those common questions in one fell swoop in a livestream.



I cover all these topics and more.

– How can a trust protect me and my assets?
– My trust was formed in another state. What do I need to do to make sure that my trust doesn’t cause problems in Texas?
– How much money/assets do I need to have for a trust to make sense?
– What’s the difference between a revocable trust and an irrevocable trust?
– If I don’t have many assets, does that mean I don’t need a trust?
– I don’t have any kids, does that mean I don’t need a trust?
– I heard that trusts can help you avoid probate. How does this work?
– How does a rev trust differ from a living will?
– What is a deferred sale trust?

If you’ve wondered about any of these, click through to watch the video, and if there are questions that I didn’t get to, let me know with a quick email!

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