The Basics of In-Home Care Management

No Unfinished Business Podcast Ep. 19: The Basics of In-Home Care Management w/ Laura Cook

In-home care has a wide spectrum of options these days, and you should know what’s out there, how to start planning, and when it’s time to start considering care.



Options for Caring for Your Loved One at Home

As we plan for loved ones aging, families have as many options as they do questions when it comes to care management at home. Whether your family member or client is currently in need of care, or you’re just thinking about the future, you need to know what levels of service exist, and when to start considering in-home care.

Our guest is Laura Cook, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Family Tree Private Care. Laura breaks down the many options available to people with all kinds of needs. Nowadays, many services that used to only exist in facilities can be implemented with in-home care, allowing for continuity of care and location and customized, tiered levels of care.

Three Tiers of In-Home Care

Laura gives us three basic tiers when thinking about in-home care, with the types of services one can expect.

Lowest tier: Client assessment, daily or periodic companionship, basic household assistance. This is a helping hand for everyday tasks.
Middle tier: A little bit more health-intensive. Patient is a possible fall risk, needs medication supervision, assistance toileting/showering, etc. The goal in this tier is to reduce hospitalization.
High tier: Private duty nursing. From daily to around-the-clock, nurse visits doing vitals checks, advanced medication management, all levels of nursing care.

We’ll also cover guardianship issues, and first steps to take when families think this care is needed. As usual, forethought, planning, and communication are your best friend, especially when it comes to your loved one’s health and care.

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