Understanding Non-Competes and Their Tax Implications in Texas

By John Strohmeyer • Tax

Understanding Non-Competes and Their Tax Implications in Texas

Non-compete agreements can be confusing and there is tax planning you should have in place when you enter into one. We’ll break it all down for you.



Non-compete agreements are commonplace these days, particularly if you’re selling a business. But these agreements can be a little confusing or murky when we apply them in real life. How and when are they enforceable? Should I agree to a non-compete, and what terms are standard?

Board-certified Tax & Estate Planning attorney John Strohmeyer is joined by business litigator Zach Wolfe, who will help us understand how non-competes are used and structured (especially in Texas), and in turn, John will illuminate some of the potential tax consequences of non-compete agreements.

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