Estate Planning After the Ink Dries

No Unfinished Business Podcast Ep. 12: Estate Planning After the Ink Dries w/ Griffin Bridgers

Your clients might not understand that estate planning is not a static, one-time event. How do we make sure they get all their bases covered?



Planning Doesn’t End at Signing

How do we dispel the notion to clients that estate planning is a one-time, single-document endeavor?

How can we effectively serve clients who have no immediate estate planning drafting need, especially when the billable hour model may discourage the entire process?

Griffin Bridgers is an attorney, educator, and thought leader in the estate planning, tax, and wealth management spaces. Griffin is the owner of Bridgers Wealth Strategies and practices law part-time in Colorado.

He joins us to detail all the ways that estate planning goes beyond the typical documents, and the myriad issues that clients need to address even after the standard planning documents are signed.

We cover many of the non-probate assets that need attention, beneficiary designations that need to be set, digital assets, trust funding, and potential liquidity issues after a loved one passes.

Estate management is a team effort. An attorney likely only sees a sliver of a client’s needs and situation, so other advisors need to be involved with the various client needs covered in a complete estate plan.

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